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Ingenew Pharma:
Who We Are

Our Ingenuity:
Connecting the Dots Leading to Novel and Optimal Medical Concepts

Our team of seasoned scientists and advisors systematically reject the “Not Invented Here” syndrome that is too often seen as a major hindrance to creativity.

Learning organization must be fluid to be able to process an overwhelming amount of data and information readily available, yet often conflicting or overlapping. Ingenew’s scientists focus on pharmaceutical enablement by combining scientific solution addressing a complex unmet medical need and complementary elements to convert this innovative symbiosis into a tangible clinical program and, ultimately, an affordable medical solution. At Ingenew, we refer to this as Adaptive-Creative R&D, and our contribution to the fight against COVID19 is just an example of how connecting the dots could lead to simple solutions.

Our Ingenuity Applied to the Innovative HesperCo-COVID-19 Clinical Trial

All aspects of life are targeted by SARS-CoV-2 and pharmaceutical development is no exception.

An example of the adaptive-creative essence of Ingenew is our modest contribution to the fight against COVID-19. How ingenuity in connecting labeled and unlabelled scientific and medical points led to the very first clinical trial whose objective is to directly hinder / inhibit SARS-COV-2 through demonstrated and anticipated mechanisms.

Pharmaceutical Research that Brings Tangible and Affordable Medical Solutions

We are committed to helping patients who are suffering from serious and debilitating illness by advancing tangible and affordable treatments addressing unmet medical needs.