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Ingenew Pharma:
Who We Are

Our Ingenuity:
Innovative Connection of Unlabelled Dots Leading to Novel Medical Concepts

Learning organization must be fluid to be able to process an overwhelming amount of data and information readily available, yet often conflicting or overlapping.  Ingenew’s team of seasoned scientists and advisors systematically focus on pharmaceutical enablement by combining scientific solution addressing a complex unmet medical need and complementary elements to convert this innovative symbiosis into a tangible clinical program and, ultimately, an affordable medical solution.

Our Ingenuity Applied to the Resolution of Inflammation

While intermittent increases in inflammation are essential for survival during physical injury and infection, such inflammatory responses can be exaggerated and lead to serious medical conditions such as the cytokine storm triggered by SARS-CoV-2. ​
Inflammation can also become chronic if the cause of the inflammation persists or certain control mechanisms in charge of shutting down the process fail. Unresolved chronic inflammation is conducive to the development of various diseases such as metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, fibrosis, cancer, neurodegenerative diseases and even depression.

Finding and Optimizing Treatments for Serious and Debilitating Diseases

Ingenew is the synergy our team’s ingenuity applied to novel research & development principles to address complex medical conditions. Resourceful, Astute and Wit defines Ingenew. A corporate culture that appreciates and engages diversity, welcoming different perspectives brought on by a multidisciplinary team is vital to seed innovative concepts, which spurs creativity, scientific partnerships and leadership equipped to address the emerging working environment dynamics.